May Calendar

Week #1

May 01Horses day
May 02
May 03Mother's day
May 04
May 05
May 06Reading day

Week #2

May 08Dances
May 09
May 10Riding day
May 11
May 12Park day
May 13

Week #3

May 15Riding day
May 16
May 17Learn to write
May 18
May 19Horses day
May 20Reading day

Week #4

May 22
May 23
May 24Reading day
May 25Dances day
May 26
May 27Horses day

Upcoming Event

We regularly hold various useful events

  • Picture about a project
    • Event:

      Parent Toolkit Day

    • Time:


    • Date:

      Saturday, September 09

    Parent Toolkit Days usually take place 4-5 times during the academic year and are available to both parents and students. The Toolkit days last about 45 minutes and are headed by a teacher and a therapist. Together they discuss useful learning strategies and offer ways to apply those strategies at home. Our mission is to teach parents how to work with their kids properly. We discuss the benefits of such things as visual schedules and calm down and problem-solving strategies.

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    • Event:

      Family Music Festival

    • Time:


    • Date:

      Sunday, April 03

    Hi there! Join us at our annual Family Music Festival! Take your family or friends, people of all ages are welcome. 
    We guarantee you will enjoy the atmosphere, live music, and a wide range of such cheerful activities like photo session, arts & crafts, and treasure dig.

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