• How do you approach a new child in your program? What if my child cries on the first day?

    To prepare your child for our program, we use a step-by-step process. This empowers you and your child to visit us together till lunchtime on the first day and a full day without you the next day but you may stay if you want. In the end, your child will feel confident enough to let you go. Kids usually cry a little, but this will not last long. You can even call later in the day to find out how your baby is doing.
  • Can I come to visit my child during the day?

    Of course! You can visit your child whenever you want. Actually, you can spend an hour or entire morning in your child’s class. The Center has a policy of open visits, which is spelled out in our Center's handbook.
  • Can I bring meals from home for my child?

    Our Center provides breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon snacks as part of your fee. The company we contracted to grow locally produced organic food offers a selection of different menus for various dietary needs, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Nevertheless, if your child has special dietary needs that we cannot satisfy, you can bring your own food with a written permission from the pediatrician.
  • What happens if my child gets hurt at the center?

    At first, we make sure that your child and other children are safe. We carefully wash off any scrapes and calm your kid down. Additionally, the teacher who was the witness of the incident documents each accident or injury on paper. This document was signed by the site manager, verified with one of the members of the Leadership team and transferred to you at the end of the day. As a rule, we also call you to describe the incident/accident and how we dealt with it. We do not want you to be surprised at the time of pick-up!
  • What happens when my child gets sick?

    Our Center adheres to all health/communicable disease policies as outlined in the American Academy of Pediatrics Model Health Policies and Procedures Manual. A copy of this manual is kept by the Director of the Center and is available for review upon request.

    Parents are required to pick up a sick child within 1 hour after our notice by telephone. If a parent is within reach, but cannot pick up the child within 1 hour, a parent must arrange an alternative pick up with someone specified in the child's emergency contact form. The staff will not continue to call the persons listed on the emergency contact list after the parent has been reached. If the parents cannot be reached, the staff will start calling the people listed on the emergency contact form until the measures are taken to pick up the child.

    Children will be excluded from the program if they have any symptoms of an infectious disease. They will not be allowed to return to the program until they stop being communicable. The recommendations for determining the infectious period for a particular disease are based on the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The parent should provide a doctor's note that the child is no longer infectious, and then he may return to the program. Our center has the right to refuse permission for a child to return if our director or a person appointed by him believes that the child is too sick to participate in the program.

    Children excluded from the program because of fever cannot return to the program until they are free from fever without temperature-reducing drugs for 24 hours. If we sent your child home due to a fever, we do not allow him/her to return to the program earlier than on the next day. Fever is defined as a temperature reading on a thermometer of at least 101 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • What if my child needs medication?

    Happy Childhood Learning Center provides medicine at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm daily.
    We only distribute prescription medications in original containers, with precise dosage, and usage instructions.
    Parents must complete a Medication Form for medication that will be dispensed. You can find Medication Forms on the front desk. Medication Forms, doctor’s notes, and medications are to be turned into the front office.
    Happy Childhood Learning Center will dispense drugs available over the counter and such fever-reducing medications as Children’s Tylenol or Children’s Motrin. Parents are required to provide a doctor’s note with appropriate dosage. Parents also have to supply a bottle of the fever-reducing medicine labeled with their kid’s name. If the kid’s age is not noticed in the medicine, we have to offer a doctor’s permission and accurate dosage in order to give it to your child. Our staff will inform the parent or other emergency contact person if the child needs to be picked up due to disease.
    All prescription medications are to be properly labeled by the pharmacist.
    Parents are NOT permitted to bring any medication to our center.

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